Three Lemons

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Bar area inside Three Lemons
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Three Lemons Restaurant

Aberfeldy, Loch Tay, Scotland.
01887 820 057

Located in the charming village of Aberfeldy, the Three Lemons welcomes you in a modern but cosy décor.

Sit back and relax in the big sofas with a cocktail, a glass from their amazing and unusual wine selection, or a delicious coffee, or book a table to try the fresh and ever so tasty food !

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Three Lemons Restaurant


The Three Lemons is a great location for a relaxing coffee, a tasty meal or a fine wine on the evening. With an interesting food and wine menu you will find comfort in this warm bar restaurant.

Opening at 1030am the staff are polite, friendly and create a pleasant atmosphere to chill out or have an intimate meal at any time of the day.

Get in touch via phone or request a table reservation from our enquiry form so we can enjoy your company at The Three Lemons.


Located in the charming village of Aberdeldy to the east of Loch Tay The Three Lemons is perfect for lunch or dinner all year round.

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